30 Things to Do Before You Graduate UBC


Photograph: Jess Bailey via Unsplash

Some say university is a battleground infested with academic anxieties and mental maladies. But it’s also a gigantic playground awaiting your discovery. UBC is certainly a majestic one. Here are 30 things that made my UBC days as amazing as they were and hopefully will do the same for you.


  1. Audit LING 101 Languages of the World with Strang Burton to distinguish among languages, dialects and accents and get amazed by how linguistics can be politicized.
  2. Take POLI 260 Introduction to Global Politics with Robert Farkasch to peer into the sketchiness of United Nations.
  3. Take PSYC 350A The Psychology of Human Sexuality with Jason Winters to get to know LGBTQ members, sugar babies and sexual non-conformists in a humanizing light.

Arts & Culture

  1. Watch a UBC Theatre production to appreciate the directorial, acting, lighting, staging and costume design talents of our faculty and students.
  2. Watch a UBC Face Drama Club production to immerse yourself in some of the most iconic Chinese plays put on by UBC theatre enthusiasts.
  3. Attend a concert at the Belkin Art Gallery to pamper your ears and eyes.
  4. Attend a Japanese tea ceremony at the Nitobe Garden to get up and personal with the concept of zen.


  1. Storm the wall to see your campus in different areas, at different angles and in different speeds (at a fee).
  2. Join the annual largest zumba to get fit for free.
  3. Swim at the Aquatic Centre to use the fancy sauna for free.


  1. Join AIESEC to be part of a global network of culturally engaged student leaders and learn the basics of running a business.
  2. Spectate UBC Debate Society‘s Opening of the House to witness intellectual fireworks.
  3. Join UBC Hua Dialogue to hear what Chinese international and heritage students have to say about the most controversial political and social issues in China or among Chinese diaspora.
  4. Write for The Ubyssey to interview and craft narratives for news relevant to your fellow students.
  5. Partner up at Tandem to learn a new language and share your culture.


  1. Volunteer at UBC Orientations to set the first impressions of new UBC students.
  2. Attend a TEDxTerry Talks conference to get exposed to innovative concepts presented by your fellow students.
  3. Attend Student Leadership Conference to get refueled with enthusiasm after being mired in schoolwork for the entire fall term.
  4. Participate in a Model United Nations conference to see how this globally renowned student initiative works.
  5. Camp with UBC Exchange Student Club to see Canada through fresh pairs of eyes.
  6. Volunteer for UBC Tax Assistance Clinic for Students (TACS) to learn how to file your own tax.
  7. Attend at least one business networking event to see what adults do (you can do this through volunteering for TACS if you’re not a Sauder student).
  8. Train for the Really? campaign to embody the inclusive school spirit.
  9. Sign up as a background performer for a film shot on campus to be forever tied with UBC in the history of cinema.
  10. Work in a lab as a research assistant to some of the world’s leading figures in their fields.


  1. Attend a Christian Students Club event to reexamine your biases.
  2. Attend a Shabbat dinner by Hillel BC to partake in the most iconic Jewish custom.

School Spirit

  1. Visit UBC Robson Square to see our school’s alter ego in downtown.
  2. Dine at Seedlings to savour West Coast hippie veganism.
  3. Play the silent piano in Irving or Sauder library to indulge in your private masterpiece.

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